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The Basic Stitches

The Cobra Stitch

     The Cobra Stitch, and it's cousin Twisted Cobra, can be created using 3 or more strands of scoubidou, although only two of the strands are actually worked with. The remaining strands make up the central strand. The more strands in the center, the wider your completed Cobra Stitch will be. It should also be noted that if you do this stitch correctly, you will NOT SEE the central strands at all, so you may want to use a color you don't care for, or one you have too much of.

      As a general rule of thumb, your finished cobra will usually be about 1-2 inches SHORTER than the length of your central strand. You should make the two working strands at LEAST four times the length of your central strand, so with a 12-inch central strand, you'd need 4-foot working strands...

      Create a STARTER COBRA STITCH before continuing...


After your "Starter Cobra Stitch", notice the strands have switched sides. Take the SAME strand you chose as your starting strand (the green here), and make a loop OVER the central strand (the red strand).

The other strand (the black one) should be placed ON TOP OF the first strand (the green one)...

...and then taken BEHIND the central strand (red)...

...and then UP THROUGH the loop made with the first strand (the green loop).

Before the stitch is pulled tight...

Now our starting strand is back on the right. Use it to make a loop OVER the center strand...

...then take the other strand (black) over the first (green)...

...behind the central strand (red)... be PULLED THROUGH the start strand's loop (again, the green loop).

You can begin to see the Cobra's Scales after only 2-3 stitches!

One last time: Make a loop OVER the central strand...

Take the OTHER strand OVER the loose end, BEHIND the central strand, then UP THROUGH the loop made with the first strand.

Remember to ALWAYS make the loop with the SAME strand. It doesn't have to be the green, but if you decided to START with the black, then ALWAYS create your loops with the black. Why? Because if you don't, you'll create a different stitch; one I haven't presented yet, hint... hint...

After numerous Cobra Stitches are completed!

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