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The Basic Stitches

The Triangle Stitch

     The Triangle Stitch, and it's close cousin, Twisted Triangle, are stitches you can do with only THREE (3) strands of scoubidou. They come in handy when you're creating combination stitches that use multiples of three stitches, like Brick, Twist, Fluted Columns, Fluted Spirals, etc. This stitch will usually yield almost the same amount of Triangle Stitch as the length you start with. Using 12 to 14-inch strands, I can usually create 8 to 10-inch projects, given the tassel length.

      Create a STARTER TRIANGLE STITCH before continuing...


Hold a "Starter Triangle Stitch" as shown below...

Take one strand and place it OVER the strand next to it. (As the BLUE goes over the GREEN). so...

Now take the strand that was just covered above over the first strand towards the third strand.

(The GREEN goes OVER the BLUE and lies atop the RED).

The third strand goes over the second strand, then under the first strand. (The RED goes OVER the GREEN, then UNDER the BLUE).

Take a look at this loose stitch, before you tighten it...

Pull them tight and note the proper triangle that is created. Let's do another stitch...

One strand OVER the strand next to it. (GREEN going OVER the BLUE).

The covered strand goes OVER the first strand and sits atop the third strand. (The BLUE goes OVER the GREEN and sits ATOP the RED).

Finally, the last strand goes OVER the second strand... ...and then UNDER the first strand. (The RED goes OVER the BLUE, then UNDER the GREEN).

Before pulling them tight, here's a shot of a loose stitch...

...and pulled tight, we get yet another Triangle Stitch!

Continue working the Triangle Stitch until the SHORTEST working strand you have is between 2½ and 3 inches long, then do a COMPLETION STITCH to finish off the project.

A Triangle Stitch Project, properly completed!