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The Basic Stitches

The Brick Stitch

     Also referred to as "Super Square", the Brick Stitch is nothing more than TWO Square Stitches side by side. To start this stitch, you'll need three strands of scoubidou, two of the same length, and a third that is approximately 1½ times as long as one of the first two. For me, I can get almost two inches of brick when my shorter strands are two feet long each.

      First, FIND THE CENTERS of the two short strands...

      Next, FIND THE CENTER of the longer strand...

      Using the centers, create a STARTER BRICK STITCH before continuing...


Hold a "starter brick stitch" as shown.

Bring the far strand UP and OVER towards you to form the first loop...

Now take the near strand UP and OVER away from you to form the second LOOP, next to the first.

Start the WEAVE by taking the short strand farthest from you UP and OVER the nearest loop, then UNDER the farthest loop...

...and pull it all the way through.

The second strand comes UP and OVER from the other side, then UNDER the far loop...

...and is pulled through as well.

Here we go again, this time with the third strand, which should be of a different color this time. UP and OVER the first loop, then UNDER the second loop...

...and pull through, yet again!

Last strand, quiz time: It should go ____ and ____ the nearest loop, then ____ the farthest loop...

...if you did it right, it should look something like this.

Slowly pull the strands away from each other... finish another Brick stitch! Can you see the two Square Stitches?!?

After we've completed numerous stitches...'s the bird's eye view, ready to start another stitch.

Continue working the Brick Stitch until the SHORTEST working strand you have is between 3½ and 4 inches long, then do a BRICK COMPLETION STITCH to finish off the project.

A Brick Stitch Project, properly completed!
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