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Combination Zipper Pulls - Twisted Split Brick

A Combination Split Brick Zipper Pull
Split Brick: 4 Colors (Zipper Pull Shown)
(2 Purple, 1 White, 1 Goldenrod Shown)

To Create Split Brick, You Need:

  • Four Strands of Boondoggle:
  • each 3½ feet long, for a Zipper Pull.
  • each 6 feet long, for a Key Chain.
  • Two Pony Beads (Use 4 for a Key Chain).
  • For a Zipper Pull, 1 Lanyard Hook.
  • For a Key Chain, 1 Split Ring.
  • Scissors

Do the following:

  • Start a SuperBrick Stitch.
  • Do TWO (2) SuperBrick Stitches.
  • Separate the eight working strands into 2 groups of four:

Each group contains one end strand, the two matching colored strands closest to the end strand, and the nearest strand from the central colored pair to the two matching colored strands.

  • Start a Square Stitch from each group:
  • Use the central working strand as the opposite for the end strand.
  • Do EIGHT (8) Square Stitches on each side.
  • Do ONE (1) LOOSE Square Stitch on each side.
  • Insert a PONY BEAD inside the loose stitch.
  • NONE of the strands go through the Pony Bead.
  • Do ONE (1) Square Stitch on each side and pull tight.
  • This will lock the Pony Bead in place.
  • Do SEVEN (7) additional Square Stitches on each side.
  • Placing both Square Stitch ends side by side, orient the working strands and create a SuperBrick Stitch.
  • Do TWO (2) additional SuperBrick Stitches.
  • If a Zipper Pull, do a Completion Stitch, create Fancy Tassels, and add the Lanyard Hook.
  • If a Key Chain, repeat steps 3 thru 11 ONCE, then do a Completion Stitch, create Fancy Tassels, and add a Split Ring.
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