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Cobra Bracelet – Part 1

A Cobra Bracelet
Cobra Bracelet, 3 Colors (Neon Green, Black, & Red Shown)

Things You Will Need:

  • Three strands of scoubidou (sizing described below).
  • 2 Push Pins (or other pointed tool).
  • Scissors

      To determine the length of the central strand needed for the Cobra Bracelet, wrap the needed color snugly around your wrist TWICE. You need a piece that is TWICE as long as this measurement, as you'll be folding it in half shortly. The two longer strands should each be TWICE as long as the full length of your short strand. For me, a grown man, my shortest strand was about 2 feet, 10 inches long.

How to Create a Cobra Bracelet:

      First, using 3 strands of scoubidou, create a STARTER COBRA stitch...

Now, using the COBRA STITCH, create the body, until you can size it around your wrist with between 1 and 1½ inches of overlap, as shown in this photo.

Making the Head using the King Cobra Stitch

When you hold the stitch to make the Cobra longer, it looks like this...

You need to turn the project around, so that the finished cobra stitch is now facing you, like this.

King Cobra is simply Cobra stitch that you do OVER THE TOP OF existing Cobra stitches, so we start by making a loop with our starter strand. (Remember to continue using the SAME strand you started with when doing the regular Cobra stitch earlier)

The second strand goes OVER the first strand...

BEHIND the central strand (which in this case is the completed Cobra stitch)...

and THROUGH the loop made with the first strand.

Do the next King Cobra stitch from the opposite side... Make a loop with the starter strand...

Bring the second strand over the top of the first strand...

Behind the completed Cobra stitch...

and through the loop made out of the first strand!

Continue doing the King Cobra stitch until you have a bit more than 1-inch completed, as shown here.

We could stop here, but lets make the head even bigger. Turn the project around again, so the tongue (the red strands) are facing you once again...

Do another round of King Cobra atop the first King Cobra by making a loop...

Bringing the second strand over the first...

...behind the existing King Cobra, and through the loop.

Continue from the other side... complete the second stitch.

Continue King Cobra again, until you come to the nose of the Cobra.

We can't stop here, as we need the working strands to be at the BACK of the head, so turn the stitch around one last time (the finished Cobra stitch should once again be facing you).

You guessed it, make a THIRD round of King Cobra stitches working your way towards the BACK of the head...

...continue this third round of King Cobra, until you come to the back of the head...

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