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Starting Stitches
Starter Triangle Stitch

The Triangle Stitch is similar to the Square and Circle Stitches, except that you only need THREE strands of scoubidou to do this stitch. This comes in handy as a stand-alone stitch, as well as one you can use in Split Combination projects. For instance, you could start a Brick Stitch, and then split it off into TWO Triangle Stitches, etc.






Triangle Stitch starts with 3 strands. In this example, green, blue, and red...

To start, we need to tie these 3 strands into a loose granny knot...

Fold the ends around to cross over themselves, then go under and through the loop you made...

This Granny Knot might look familiar, as it's the same knot you start with when tieing your shoes...

Again, leave the knot somewhat loose, and be sure to leave between 1 and 1½ inches of tassels.

Now, hold the strands by this knot you just made, so that the longer ends come UP out of your hand...

...and separate them, so that they each fall in their own direction. Be careful here, as you may want to attempt to overlap them differently than they WANT to lie, which will make it tougher to get the stitch started.

Now we're ready. Take one strand and place it OVER the strand next to it. Here, I'm placing the BLUE strand over the RED one next to it... take the strand you overlapped above, the RED one in this example, and take it OVER the first strand, the BLUE one, and also over the third strand, the GREEN one...

...the third strand, the GREEN one, then goes OVER the second strand, the RED one, and then under the first strand, the BLUE one.

...after you pull them tight, you'll have completed the first Triangle Stitch. Take a good look at the completed stitch. Can you see how it looks like a triangle, instead of the checkerboard seen in Square and Circle stitches?

After you've completed 5-6 stitches, you can perform a Completion Stitch on the end you started with.

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